The Homosexianity Seminar

While an invaluable, life-changing resource, the book, Homosexianity, could only provide a limited presentation of the biblical truths surrounding sexuality. As an extension of the book, Pastor Romell Weekly established the Homosexianity seminar to provide opportunities for people to receive face-to-face, in-depth Bible teachings regarding homosexuality.

The latest upcoming seminar will be held on two consecutive Saturdays this November. Each session provides 3 hours of concentrated teachings, which includes a question/answer period to ensure that attendees leave with a solid grasp of the material covered.

No more unanswered questions on this serious issue!

Attendees will gain a firm and rounded understanding of what the Bible does and does not say about human sexuality in general, homosexuality specifically, and the role and function of marriage. You'll be taken from Genesis to Revelation, exploring every passage commonly believed to refer to homosexuality. Scripture itself, rather than popular opinion, tradition, or even wishful thinking, will open your eyes to discern for yourself this liberating and transformative truth.

Seminar Agenda
Session #1: What The Bible Does & Does Not Say About Homosexuality
Session #2: A Fresh Look At Creation, Sex & Marriage

**LUNCH NOTE** Because this is a free seminar, lunch will not be provided. We will break for an hour lunch at 1:30 for you to visit an area restaurant.

You don't want to miss your opportunity to be a part of this enlightening seminar. You'll walk away with strong biblical command of the issue, well-equipped to counter every faulty belief or teaching you come across.

The Next Seminar
Saturdays, November 10 & 17, 2012, 12p.m.-4p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not two sessions that repeat content. You should attend both sessions to gain a full knowledge of the subject matter.

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